Book inspired by the Western Algarve’s “remarkable people and places”

Lagos resident Lena Strang is launching a book entitled ‘Touching Lives: Remarkable People and Places in the Western Algarve’ on Tuesday, November 10, at the cafeteria in the town’s Cultural Centre from 7pm to 9pm. She describes the book as “a celebration of culture, history and the way of life in the region”.

“Many of the people I have interviewed for this book will be present, with stallholders from the local market offering regional delicacies and a vineyard near Lagos presenting their organic wine,” she said.

“I have been able to listen to people in the towns and villages in the Western Algarve over a period of time and record the stories of their everyday lives. I have focused on individual people but also on the history behind many of the intriguing buildings and places that I have encountered.”

The 200-page book, containing over 100 colour photos, retails at €12.99.

The event is free to attend.