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news: Book events

Two new books are being showcased at two events this week.The first is being held by the Griffin Bookshop today (Friday, October 29), between 11.30am and 1pm. The second is in A Lura dos Livros in Tavira, between 11am and 1pm, on Saturday, October 30. The authors will be present to answer your questions and sign your copy of their work.

I am a painter as well is about Jits Bakker and his ouvre as a painter. Various writers worked on this book, which was published by Lifestyle Magazine in Tubbergen. Jits Bakker’s studio and sculpture gardens are located in De Bilt, Holland, Malaga, Spain and here in Almancil. He has been working as an all-round artist and sculptor for over 40 years. He originally started as a painter and grew, through creating glass mosaics, towards his great passion – sculpturing in bronze and marble. Famous orders, monumental sculptures in cities and squares, and major exhibitions spread his name worldwide.

Here in Portugal, famous sculptures can be found in Loulé. The Sundancers is on a central roundabout, the Ciclistas on the roundabout near Modelo and the Sunfishers is along the main ocean boulevard in Quarteira. Many books have been written and published about Jits’ work as a sculptor. However, this is the first book in which his work as a painter is thoroughly discussed, from the renassaince to fauvism. For collectors and art lovers, this new book is a valuable asset to have. Further information about the artist can be found at

The second book to be presented is As long as I can love, I can write, a selection of poems by Nanda Bakker. This collection was published in September 2004 also by Lifestyle Magazine and is the second publication by this writer. Her first book was published in Dutch by Van Spijk in Holland in 1999 and was received very well by both the public and the critics. These new poems are illustrated by Nanda’s father, Jits Bakker.

Even though both creative works are made independently, they complement each other very well. The central theme of the poems is love – still the most important force in (human) existence. Nanda explains: “The poems are straight and pure, written from the depths of the human soul, without artificial language.”

The book is available in hard cover and is written in Dutch and English. A few poems have also been translated into Portuguese as this is where Nanda Bakker lives and works.

• For information about these events contact 962 372 354 or fax 289 391 360.