The two suspects were arrested in the Zamora McDonald's around 10.30pm last night

“Bonnie & Clyde” fuel station raiders run to ground in Spain

Sidney Martins and Nélida Guerreiro “offered no resistance”

A combined police operation has brought an end to over a month of ‘armed terror’ caused by two drug addicts dubbed “Bonnie & Clyde” for their string of violent raids on fuel stations across the Iberian Peninsula.

The pair were caught last night in a shopping centre in Zamora, northern Spain, as they ate a meal in a McDonald’s restaurant. 

Say reports, “they offered no resistance”.

In fact, their presence was called through to authorities by a shopper who recognised them, in response to appeals by Spanish police for citizens to be on the ‘look-out’.

There will now be various processes opened, as both are wanted for raids in Spain as well as Portugal – and it has since transpired that they may have been implicated in a triple murder in Donai, Bragança last month.

Reports today are also referring to the death of an elderly man in São Brás de Alportel in 2018 for which both were arrested but later discharged by Faro Tribunal for lack of evidence. Correio da Manhã says the tribunal “ignored scientific evidence gathered by Judicial Police”. (The ‘evidence’ involved Sidney Martins’ finger prints found on a bottle of surgical alcohol discovered in the house of the victim.)