‘Bonnie and Clyde’-style robbery outside Olhão shopping

A hooded woman armed with a pistol held up an armoured security van and escaped with around €5,000 in a modern-day ‘Bonnie and Clyde’-style robbery in Olhão.

The raid took place outside the Ria Shopping centre as the driver and mate in an ESEGUR vehicle were preparing to fill a cash machine installed in the front of the building.

Suddenly, a motorbike driven by a man with a woman passenger pulled up about 50 metres away.

While her accomplice waited with the motorcycle, the woman, wearing dark glasses and a hood, walked towards the two guards,pointed a pistol at them and forced them to hand over notes valued at about €5,000.

She snatched the money and ran back to her partner and the couple made their getaway at high speed, according to eye witnesses, who said the driver was wearing a crash helmet so also difficult to identify. The daring raid happened at midday last Thursday but no shots were fired.

Police believe the robbery had been carefully planned and the couple knew the precise route of the security vehicle and the hour of its arrival at the shopping centre.

The Polícia Judiciária is investigating the crime and gathering clues and statements from witnesses.