Bones discovered in Gouveia “could take last summer’s fire deaths up by yet another victim”

The list of people killed in last summer’s devastating wildfires looks like growing by yet one more to a tally of 112.

The reason is that bones discovered in Folgosinho, the borough of Gouveia, just before Christmas “could be those of Rui Costa, 49, who has been missing since October and is presumed to have died in the fire” that devastated communities on the 15th.

The news comes as PJ detectives in Guarda reveal that DNA from Costa’s relatives is now being sought.

“We have the conviction that it is him”, coordinator José Monteiro told reporters. “The objective is to try and close this investigation very soon”.

Even so, the final death toll could end up being even higher.

Also missing is 70-year-old Libânio Cardoso, who lived in Troviscal in Sertã.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã underlines the message from victims’ group AVMISP (the victims of the largest fire of all time in Portugal) that despite over a million euros in donations having been distributed, there are “still thousands of victims that remain abandoned without any help at all”.

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