Madeleine cops “back in Portugal”

“Bombshell” documentary claims Madeleine McCann “is still alive”

Yet another documentary is being trailed today on what really happened to Madeleine McCann.

And according to this latest ‘blockbuster’ – to be delivered in eight hour-long episodes by Netflix – the three year old who disappeared from Praia da Luz almost 12 years ago is still alive.

A slick two-minute clip online (click here) is to be followed tomorrow (Friday March 15) by the first full-length episode.

On first sight, it appears ‘all the old faces’ have been revisited, with their various theories and beliefs.

Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry purportedly refused to get involved and “urged those around them” not to give interviews.

Quoting the McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell, the Guardian said yesterday that neither parent could see how the documentary could help the search for their daughter “on a practical level, so they chose not to engage”.

Today the UK Sun, dubbing the show ‘sensational’, quotes its executive producer Emma Cooper as saying: “We’re trying to lay out as much detail as we can about the case – and if it could jog someone’s memory in some way then that would be amazing”.

For Portugal, the timing coincides with the stirrings of spring as the country shakes off another winter and looks towards the season of sunshine and plentiful tourism.

Thus the Sun’s contention that the documentary explains how Portugal is “the perfect location for child traffickers because it’s a well-placed gateway allowing abducted children to be instantly taken overseas by boat or driven across Europe” will undoubtedly lead to further head-shaking and sighs – especially amongst businesspeople and expats in the Algarve.

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