Bombeiros receive support from Germany

news: Bombeiros receive support from Germany

ONCE AGAIN, the German fire brigades have given generously to their fire-fighting colleagues in Silves and Messines. When Rott am Inn regional fire chief, Ludwig Schaefer, noticed the difficulties bombeiros in the Algarve faced, he decided to use his influence in Munich and BMW Regensburg to help out. He identified equipment in the Malgersdorf and BMW brigades that was no longer required, loaded two vehicles and, with the help of his family, brought them to the Silves Bombeiros. Comandantes Abel Gomes of Silves and Joaquim Goncalves of Messines Bombeiros were there to assist with the off-loading of waterproof jackets, trousers, helmets and equipment belts. Ludwig announced that there is still much more available in Germany. With the help of fundraiser Angela Schulz-Henke, he will try to arrange free transport to bring the equipment.