Bomb suspect linked to Portugal

It has been revealed that a man detained last week in a suburb of Madrid for alleged links to the March 11 on the city attacks had a Portuguese identity card. The Spanish authorities announced that his identity card was issued in Lisbon on August 20, 1998. The man was apparently arrested when he left a house in the Madrid suburb of Carabanchel. According to his documents, the name of the detainee was Gabriel Salim Aoun, born on March 1, 1960, in Mozambique. But the real identity of the detained man, apparently of Moroccan origin, according to the Spanish Interior Ministry, is currently being investigated by the authorities.

The Spanish paper El Mundo claims in its on-line edition that the police believe the detainee is linked to one of the principal authors of the attack on March 11, and to the people who planted the explosives, such as Jamal Ahmidan, who killed himself in April.

He was also linked to Abdelilah Faoul El Akil, detained for alleged involvement in the attacks, and with Mustapha and Youseff Ahmidan Hicham, brothers who have been detained in Morocco and are the subject of an international arrest warrant.

According to the paper, the man detained also maintained numerous contacts with Jamal Ahmidan, one of the main suspects, and a group of men connected to Ahmidan, including Moroccan Abdelillah Fadoual El Akil, said to be Ahmidan’s ‘right-hand man’.