Bomb scare prompts mass-evacuation at Lisbon Airport

Two suitcases left at exactly the same time at Lisbon’s airports Departures and Arrivals halls caused PSP airport cops to swing into action this morning.

They immediately created a “safety perimeter”, herding hundreds of passengers out of what could well have been harm’s way.

Safety procedures extended to holding up traffic at the roundabout leading into the airport and thus prompting heavy tailbacks and congestion.

But in the end, bomb squad experts called to the scene found the bags were nothing more than ‘left luggage’.

“People leave luggage behind them every day,” PSP officer Marco Carvalho told TVI 24.

“There was no panic,” he added. “This is a situation that is quite normal for us.”

The only unusual factor in today’s alarm was the fact that both bags were left at what appears to be exactly the same time (10.15 am) at two passenger-flow hot spots.