Boliqueime’s iconic well destroyed in EN125 roadworks

Locals have reacted with outrage over the destruction of Fonte de Boliqueime’s iconic well as roadworks continue “upgrading” the transAlgarve’s notorious EN125 by constructing wide roundabouts.

Backed by Loulé mayor Vítor Aleixo, the scandal is being taken all the way to the government.

Aleixo has accused Infraestruturas de Portugal – the authority in charge of works – of acting without any prior consultation and destroying a local attraction that has been “a hallmark of Boliqueime for many decades”.

The word “fonte” actually means spring, and thus the well is an integral part of Boliqueime’s heritage.

The whole upset has brought IP’s zeal for constructing roundabouts along the EN125 into sharp focus, as Aleixo claims they do not take into consideration any people who simply want to cross the road, and they have completely ignored the crucial issue of sanitation which means the EN125 will almost certainly have to be dug up again in the near future.