Bogus missing girl email

IT IS sad when news of a missing girl is distributed via email by a supposedly worried mother. It is even sadder, however, when the return email address does not exist.

Two weeks ago, an email came to The Resident’s attention regarding a missing girl, referred to as Ashley Flores, who according to her mother’s message has been missing since March 28, 2007.

There is a photograph of her in the text and the email asks the recipient to distribute the document and “If anyone anywhere knows anything, please contact me at [email protected]”.

Failure notice

What the email does not tell the recipient is that she apparently went missing from Philadelphia, US in 2006, not 2007. Apparently, this message started as a joke perpetrated by a friend of Ashley’s that got completely out of hand and she is not missing, according to

The Resident sent an email to the address given in the bogus email and immediately received a failure notice email from Yahoo! saying that “this user doesn’t have a account”.

If you have received this email, do not distribute this because it is a hoax.

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