Body shock in Trofa

Another macabre incident in a cemetery – the second in two weeks – has shocked residents, this time in Trofa.
Susana Ferreira was visiting the graveyard of S. Bartolomeu in São Romão Coronado when she was horrified to see the local gravedigger pass by with a body in a wheelbarrow.
“I couldn’t eat a thing for the rest of the day”, she told Correio da Manhã newspaper. “I couldn’t sleep, either. The whole thing shook me.”
According to Ferreira, the gravedigger informed her he was “relocating bodies”.
Said another witness, Ricardo Teixeira. “I saw them relocate one body that had died in November. I really don’t understand this kind of work, with uncovered graves where you can see the coffins.”
Quizzed on the mysterious goings on, the president of the local parish council refused to comment.
This is the second case that has baffled unwitting passers-by as they chance on graveyard goings on.
In Lisbon earlier this month, a man was horrified to find that cemetery workers at Lisbon’s Alto de São João cemetery had partially exhumed the remains of his mother, leaving her bones covered only by the green plastic lid of a rubbish bin.
“How is it possible that someone could cover my mother with the lid of a refuse container?”, he asked CM.
In this case, however, council representatives were apologetic.
They said the situation was “not normal” and promised to take the lid off the mystery.