Body of police chief discovered on back seat of car

Suicide ‘dismissed’: autopsy “will be fundamental”

he homicide division of Lisbon’s PJ police force is investigating the causes of death of 57-year-old PSP police chief José Manuel Sanches, whose body was discovered on the back seat of a car, parked in a street in the suburban area of Olivais.

According to a report by Correio da Manhã, suicide has been ‘dismissed’ – though the paper does not explain why.

The fact that the story refers to ‘a car’, not agent Sanches’ car, may be relevant.

For now, the line is that “an autopsy will be fundamental”, in that it should indicate how the police chief died.

The alert to “an unresponsive man sitting on the back seat of a car parked in Rua Cidade de Lobito” was called in at 9.30pm on Tuesday, and very quickly it was established that authorities were dealing with the body of a police chief who had spent his professional career “in the area of criminal investigation”.

CM says the body showed no signs of violence or injuries.

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