Image: Inácio Rosa/ Lusa

Body of missing father finally found in Barragem de Montargil

The body of the missing father who died on Saturday trying to save his daughter from drowning at Barragem de Montargil, Ponte de Sor, has finally been located. After four days of searches by authorities, the body was found on the shore, a little more than 1km from the spot where the man was last seen. A passer-by called the find in, and now the body will be sent for autopsy. So little is understood about Saturday’s tragedy. The father and his daughter were in the water: he swimming, she in a little rubber boat. Something cause the child to fall into the water, become unconscious to the point that her father, in trying to rescue her, drowned. The father had the strength to get his child to the arms of a rescuer, on a jetski, but not to help himself. As all newspapers reporting on this tragedy have said, “a family has been destroyed”. The father was described as a 33-year-old Luso-Ucranian.