Body of missing Brit recovered on last day of Tejo searches

The body of missing Brit Nishanthan Gnanathas – the 32-year-old pushed off a stag party cruise on the Tejo – has finally been recovered.

Almost a week since the young financier disappeared after being knocked unconscious as he fell into the water following a prank that went wrong, his body resurfaced close to Torre de Belém.

According to reports, it was in an “advanced stage of decomposition”.

Friday was the also the last day of maritime police searches.

Ports captain Malaquias Domingues had been telling reporters that he was doing everything he could to ensure Gnanathas’ family were able to bury their loved-one.

His “worst fear”, he explained, was that strong currents might have taken the young man’s body out to sea.

The devastated friends who had been larking on board with Gnanathas have all returned to UK and the one responsible for the fatal push is unlikely to be charged over his friend’s death (click here).