Body of ‘missing Brit’ discovered in shallow grave in Guarda

A 46-year-old Scottish woman is being questioned by authorities today after the body of her husband was found in a shallow grave on their rural property in the countryside of Guarda.

The body appears to have been in the ground for some weeks, CMTV has revealed, though the woman is understood to have reported her husband missing “several months ago”.

For now, the story is full of mystery. CM claims the woman told police “at least a month ago” that her husband was dead and that she wanted to hold a funeral.

She did not explain the circumstances of her husband’s death, adds the paper, nor did she give more details of his whereabouts. She also did not apparently make any further contact with police nor any other “competent authorities”, while the former launched an official search for the man.

Very little else has been explained. The body was apparently found by police sniffer dogs today, on land owned by the couple.

The condition of the body has not yet been explained, though CM says the woman “is being heard this afternoon by the authorities”.

The removal of the body “took several hours, as police want to preserve any possible signs of crime”.

Crime has not been ruled out, said the paper, though the authorities “believe that natural or accidental death followed by concealment of the body” could also be a possible scenario.

Further details are expected in due course.

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