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Body of badly beaten teen found in Sesimbra

PJ police are investigating what they believe to be the murder of an 18-year-old boy whose body was found “badly beaten” near a football field in Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra on Wednesday night (November 16).

Newspapers report Bruno Rodrigues had “multiple injuries” and that his face was “disfigured”.

“The young man is believed to have been beaten with a blunt object and everything seems to indicate that this is a homicide case,” Setúbal’s PJ police coordinator Vítor Paiva told Lusa news agency.

The body was found at around 11.30pm by a passer-by who reported having found an “inanimate” young man in a patch of woodland near the football field of the Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Quinta do Conde (ADQC).

SIC Notícias says that Bruno Rodrigues had gone out with his friends that night and did not have his mobile and wallet with him when his body was found.

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