Body found near UK’s Brighton Station “could be that of missing Portuguese student”

Sussex police are reported to have found a body in an advanced stage of decomposition in a ditch near Brighton railway station – the last place where missing Portuguese student Diogo Moreira is thought to have been seen.

With family and friends this morning described as “desperate”, the urgency now is establishing whether or not the body is that of the 29-year-old from Espinho.

According to a report in today’s Correio da Manhã, the body is so badly decomposed that police “don’t believe it could be identified”.

Last night, the authorities were trying to establish identity by use of fingerprint analysis, reports the paper.

Meantime, on the Facebook site set up to help coordinate the search by friends and relatives, there is no mention of this news.

Instead there is the much more heartening report of a young man answering to Diogo’s description having been seen in Brighton early on Wednesday morning “talking to himself” and looking dishevelled.

But the detail in the news of a body that raises alarm is the fact that Diogo is understood to have been seen on the morning that he disappeared from a friend’s flat talking to a group of French students at Brighton railway station.

Last night, as a result of the sighting recorded on Facebook, over 30 of Diogo’s friends scoured Brighton yet again in the hope that they might find him.

Talking to RTP’s Telejornal at 8.30pm, lifelong friend Vítor Rodrigues made no mention of anybody having been discovered.

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