Body found floating in Vilamoura marin, near Lake Resort

Body found floating in Vilamoura marina, near Lake Resort

Investigation || Holidaymakers in Vilamoura’s five-star Lake Resort were horrified to witness the body of a man floating near one of the walkways in the marina on Monday morning.
Maritime police called to the scene pulled the body out of the water but found very little in the way of identification. All they could do was describe the man as being “around 60 years old and dressed in jeans and a polo shirt”.
There was no evidence of any ID, nor were there any apparent signs of violence.
The body was thought to have been in the water for “various hours” and may well have been brought into the marina on the tides, said police. Thus an investigation is ongoing to try and establish identity.
Meantime, the Lake Resort hotel is currently playing host to a number of high-profile guests, including Porto football boss and society figure Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa.
The holidaymaker who alerted police to the presence of the body is reported to have been British.
This has not been the first time holidaymakers have been shocked to find a body floating in the marina. In 2006, a 53-year-old Briton was found in similar circumstances – although he had identification documents on him – and in 2011 the body of another Briton, aged 60, was found floating in the marina of Lagos.
Neither of the previous deaths was found to be suspicious.