Man dies after drinking wine mixed with ethyl alcohol: police suspect murder

Body discovered with ‘axe lodged in head’: authorities “suspect aggression”

The body of a man with an axe lodged in his head has been found in a private house in Pereira, a parish in the borough of Barcelos.

Authorities “suspect aggression”, said early reports, explaining PJ police ‘were on the way’.

Subsequent information coming through suggests the man, ‘aged around 50’, was Portuguese, “an emigré who had arrived from France for a few days”.

Says TVI24, his body was discovered by his son, after the man’s wife had left for work after lunch.


This story has since ‘moved on’ in terms of details, with the latest announcement that the 16-year-old son of the deceased man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Adélio Ribeiro, 52, was discovered with the axe ‘stuck in his forehead’, said reports on Saturday – already full of the fact that detectives were ‘suspicious’ of accounts given by the son and his mother.

It later transpired that this was a case of domestic abuse, and the son took matters into his own hands when his father went to his room for a sleep.

The boy has been released to house arrest pending trial. He has been fitted with an electronic bracelet.