Body believed to be of missing elderly man found in submerged car

A severely decomposed body was found in a submerged car at the Roxo dam in Aljustrel on Tuesday (July 7). It is believed the body is that of an elderly man who went missing over a year ago, a GNR police source told Lusa news agency.

The car belongs to António Matos Coelho, a 78-year-old man who went missing in January 2013 after telling his wife he was going for a drive.

It was a local fisherman who saw the car’s tires showing above the water.

The local rescue operations authority (CDOS) said the car had clearly been submerged “for a long time” but only yesterday (July 7) surfaced and became visible.

“There may be a more than evident link between the body and the missing man, but we cannot confirm it is him until we identify the body,” the GNR source said.

As we went to press, the body’s identity hadn’t been confirmed.