Bodies of man and woman found floating off Lagos beaches

The bodies of a man and a woman, apparently in their 50s to 60s, have been found off the coast of Lagos this morning.

The woman’s body was found first, floating off Porto de Mós beach at around 7am, say reports.

The man’s body was discovered floating off nearby Canavial beach almost three hours later.

Both Diário de Notícias and TVI mention a dog whose chip is Norwegian.

It is not clear if the dog is alive as reports do not mention “the body of a dog”, simply “a dog” found “near the place where the victims were found”.

Maritime police are investigating, and further details are expected to be released later today.

Lusa reports (rather obviously) that the causes of death “could have resulted from drowning”.


The dog was alive! It was found “barking” on shore at Porto de Mós, not far from the woman’s body – leading authorities to believe it belonged to the dead woman.

There is still no news on identities, though it is understood that a bag of pills was found on Porto do Mós beach, which has led police to consider the woman may have been walking along the cliffs with her dog, and fallen into the sea.

None of this appears to have been borne out by evidence, and the bodies will now have been taken for autopsy.

Jornal do Algarve says despite the bodies’ geographical proximity, there is nothing else to suggest these deaths were otherwise connected.

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