Bobi, world oldest dog
A very happy day. Photos: Paulo Cunha/ Lusa

Bobi, oldest dog in world, celebrates 31st birthday in Leiria

Ate grilled fish and pork, and took “lots of rests”

Bobi, the oldest dog in the world – living very quietly these days in Conqueiros, Leiria – reached another milestone over the weekend: his 31st birthday.

Guests came “from all over the world”, say reports – “all of them wanting their picture taken with him”. But as he is a very old boy now, Bobi “needed lots of breaks” throughout the afternoon.

Even so, he managed to eat his way through a meal of grilled fish and pork, enjoy a folkloric dance put on in his honour, and apparently “particularly appreciated the company” of a female four-footed friend who came along with her owner for the occasion.

Bobi was presented with his official Guinness Book of Records certificate as the oldest dog in the world earlier this year.

What could be the secret of his longevity? SIC television news may have worked it out: “Bobi has never eaten kibble”. in fact, he has always eaten food for humans…

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