Boavista still putting a total novice to the test… or lost

Well, after my four arduous first lessons, I ‘swung’ into my next four with fear and trepidation.

I suppose that I believe I have always been a reasonable ball player but golf is different – it is not about brute force and ignorance (well, it shouldn’t be anyway) and maybe that is where my problem has been through these next four lessons.

Luís Espadinha (Boavista Golf Pro) is there by my side giving me encouragement all the time and I watch him take a practice stroke away from the ball and it looks so easy. I then do the same and it’s fine, but when it is back to the ball, guess what? I am still missing the ball! Either it’s my swing or I have not got my eye on the ball – I always want to see where it is going or in my case where it isn’t going!

It is the continuing instructions and information, for example, the ‘straight through’, the shoulders and hips, the grip and so it goes on, until those constant reminders actually get through to the seemingly ‘thick’ beginners like me.

Luis and I have agreed that I must go to the driving range as I need pure practice to really move my game forward, so in the next series I will have been there to make a better attempt at doing what is needed to succeed – and succeed I must.

I don’t wish to appear an idiot forever, especially now that I can actually see my way forward with the game.

Our second lesson was taken up with rules and etiquette and, as I mentioned last time, the rules come with the game and play a very important part in this very social of sports.

So I was told one has to be prepared in the correct way before coming to the tee. For example, you naturally require balls, tees, a glove, proper clothing (not jeans!), ball marker, pitch fork repairer etc.

All these small things are important and everyone having lessons will find they are all easy to grasp, logical and important.

So I will not dwell on these matters but bring us back to my perspective of where I am at now.

I was saying to Luís, as I missed another shot: “You know I feel useless and an idiot. I’m almost frightened to attend my lessons.” And he answered by saying: “Everybody feels and acts just like you do, so don’t worry. Just enjoy it.”

This heartened me both to continue and take 50 or so on to the driving range.

So to sum up, I am determined to move forward, take my medicine and improve.

No one could beat Luís for skill, patience and persistence with beginners…

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Preparing your stance from the bunker towards the green

The swing from the bunker

Putting and alignment for your shot on the green