Boavista Golf Club novice challenge  Lost ball, Tom

by Tom Henshaw [email protected]

In this  series of monthly articles, The Resident Group sales representative

Tom Henshaw shares with readers how he managed to dispel the fear of golf by taking up lessons with Boavista’s golf Pro Luís Espadinha.

On the course and at last on course!

Well, believe it or not I have made it on to the hallowed turf of Boavista golf club – and it felt good!

If you have followed any or all of my renditions for the Algarve Resident, you would probably easily have got the message that I dreaded each and every lesson with Golf Pro Luís Espadinha and that certainly was not his fault.

As I have mentioned many times, it is his patience and guidance that have kept me heading forward to get to this point in ‘the novice golf challenge’.

Not only have I got on the course, I actually am finding now that I am enjoying the challenge and I promise you all that I never expected this to happen now or ever!

Teeing off on the first tee.
Teeing off on the first tee.

While I have only completed three holes, it is far more than I thought possible.

I feel much happier and I am looking forward to more!

So, I am now doing half-an-hour a week on the driving range and looking ahead to getting round the whole course.

My experience hopefully will lead other non-golfers to have a go and find what appears so scary can end up becoming fun and a healthy way of life for all age groups.

Hope to let you know soon how I make out doing a full nine holes.

For golf lessons with the Boavista Golf Pro Luís Espadinha, please call 282 000 111