“Boas Festas” from Bowls Algarve

Portugal needs the rain to arrive soon, but bowlers along the Algarve are very grateful to have reached the half way stage of the winter league without the need for wet weather protection. The second half of the season may prove to be totally different.

The league results this week have both Albufeira Cats and Valverde Vulcans at the top of League A with 36 points each – following closely behind on 32 points is Floresta Rangers.
League B has Valverde Vipers on 38 points, whilst Alvor Amigos collected enough points to take them back into second place with 33 points and Floresta Huntsmen chasing hard on 32 points.

The Super 10’s Competition table have Albufeira resting this week with 34 points but still managing to maintain their lead over Valverde who are closing the gap on 32 points.

The Cameron Cup competition this week sees Floresta at the top of the table holding t points, Balaia and Valverde joint second with eight points.

The Inter-Club competitions are now well under way, with most first round games played, placing less pressure on players for the remaining rounds taking place in the New Year.

As there are no competitive games during the festive season hence nothing to report, I will sign off until the New Year and take this opportunity to wish all Algarvian bowlers a very Merry Christmas and a happy, successful bowling New Year.

Boas Festas one and all.

Question of the Week: A jack is delivered and comes to rest less than two metres from the front ditch. What happens to the jack?

If the jack in its original course comes to rest less than two metres from the front ditch, it must be placed on the centre line of the rink with the nearest point of the jack to the mat line being two metres from the front ditch, by using either a mark or by placing the jack alongside a two metre measuring device. (Law 9.2)