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Blooming Portugal’s way


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LOU RHODES and her sweet voice, which was shown to the world when she was the lead singer of Lamb, comes to Portugal for two concerts. She will be performing on February 29 at Santiago Alquimista in Lisbon and March 1 at Casa da Música in Porto.

After the global scale success that Lamb reached, Lou Rhodes decided to follow a solo career where she moved away from the electronics of Lamb and explored the folk music aesthetic that provided an intimate, unvarnished forum for her voice.

Lamb was regarded as one of the most soulful, vibrant and musically elaborate bands of the last 10 years and after their split, Lou Rhodes set off on a new path. One devoid of the frictions and frustrations she had lived with.

Through the peaks and valleys of self-discovery, she reached a musical vision that she could finally call her own. Lamb’s magic was always underscored by the turbulent relationship between Lou Rhodes and her partner Andy Barlow, also a member of Lamb.

Her first album called Beloved One, launched in 2006, was widely endorsed and acclaimed by critics. Well versed in the language of the heart, she is a conduit between the truths of the soul and the fallible complexities of the world that she lived.

In the summer of 2006, the album was nominated for the UK’s prestigious Mercury Music Prize.

Her solo work left the trip-hop of Lamb behind and she opted for a more organic sonority connected with her roots.

Lou Rhodes left Central London and moved to the English countryside in Wiltshire in search of new inspiration.

In 2007, she released her second album, Bloom.

This new work illuminates her creative growth and examines the fine line between darkness and wonder.

She adds to her palate of finely tuned acoustic guitars and rich percussion with flowing double-bass work, new string arrangements and other hand-played instruments that elevated the depth of her songwriting.

Modesty and simplicity turned Lou Rhodes into what she is and what she wants to be in music.

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