Bloodbath in Barcelos as ex-con wearing electronic tag butchers four, including heavily pregnant 37-year-old

A bloody rampage in Barcelos this morning has ended with four people stabbed to death – including a heavily-pregnant woman aged 37.

The alleged attacker has surrendered to police. According to Jornal de Notícias he is a man with convictions for violence, under police surveillance and wearing an electronic tag.

Yet he was able this morning to kill an elderly couple in two different locations, another woman in her 70s in another house, and a mum-to-be, whose body was left in the street.

JN says all four victims “testified against the attacker in court in a case of domestic violence”.

The man was accused of attacking his family with an iron bar two years ago, JN adds. His former partner and children have since emigrated to France.

Television stations have been covering the horror since it ‘broke’ in the community of São Veríssimo, in the parish of Tamel, shortly before 11 this morning.

Further details will follow.

For now, the identities of the victims have not been revealed. It is believed the alleged attacker slit his victims’ throats.

TVI24 reports that the pregnant woman “was at the end of her gestation” – meaning the baby was due any day.

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