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Blood Test by Jonathan Kellerman

New paperback fiction for this week kicks off with the latest by ever-popular author Jonathan Kellerman, Blood Test.

It is a case unlike any psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware has ever encountered. Five-year-old Woody Swope is ill, but the real problem is his parents. They refuse to agree to the one treatment that could save this boy’s life.

Alex sets out to convince Mr. and Mrs. Swope – only to find that the parents have left the hospital and taken their son with them. Worse, the sleazy motel room where the Swopes were staying is empty – except for the ominous bloodstain. The Swopes and their son have vanished into the sordid shadows of the city.

Now Alex and his friend, homicide detective Milo Sturgis, have no choice but to push the law to breaking point. They’ve entered an amoral underworld where drugs, dreams, and sex are all for sale…where fantasies are fulfilled at any price – even at the cost of a young boy’s life. Price €11.20.