Bloco de Esquerda blasts government for “disregarding” Algarve crisis

Bloco de Esquerda (BE) has released a scathing statement criticising the government for “disregarding” the devastating effects that the pandemic has had in the Algarve.

The regional branch of the left-wing party believes the government should be doing “much more” to support the Algarve’s struggling population and companies.

“Due to the pandemic and its reliance on tourism, the Algarve is enduring one of the biggest crises ever and it will only get worse,” said the party.

“At the moment, there are over 31,000 unemployed people in the region and hundreds, possibly thousands, of small and micro-sized companies at risk of closing definitively, which will only lead to more unemployment and poverty,” it added.

Bloco de Esquerda is thus calling for extensive measures to “save jobs, families, companies and the Algarve” as a whole.

From BE’s point of view, this means investing in the national health service, improving public services and mobility, fighting inequalities, and diversifying the economy.

BE also accuses the government of failing to move forward with the “Social Emergency and Economic Plan for the Algarve”, presented by the party and which was approved in parliament last summer.

“Seven months have passed, and nothing has happened. There is no plan from the government, which has broken its promise and continues to disregard the Algarve, its workers and its population,” said the party.

João Vasconcelos, BE MP for the Algarve, questioned the Minister of Economy about the plan but was told only that the government intended to “strengthen the community funding for the region”.

“BE does not accept that the government has forgotten the Algarve and it will do everything to see that the plan is implemented soon,” said the party, adding that it could help “alleviate the suffering of the Algarve and its people”.

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