Blistering temperatures rank 2012 among hottest years

Planet earth lost record amounts of ice in the Arctic Sea and released some of the highest levels of greenhouse gases into the planet’s atmosphere in 2012, which is considered one of the hottest years ever registered.

According to a report released annually by British and American researchers, this past year is placed in the top 10 of the hottest on record.

The director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) considered the results to be “impressive” and added that “the world, as a whole, is changing into a hotter place”.

Despite the fact that the report does not include information on the origin of the changes, specialists are saying the document should serve as a guide for politicians to prepare themselves for the effects of rising waters and temperatures on the population and infra-structures.

However, the chain-reaction brought on by the consequences of global warming is believed to be the main reason behind the increasing heat, which consequently leads to the thawing of glaciers and the increase in sea levels.