Dear Editor,

I find it strange that people should take the trouble to write to you without first considering both sides of the argument. There are currently two topics which have excited blinkered responses: First the idea that Iraq is better off without Saddam – I don’t disagree with the idea that he was brutal (but only one of numerous such dictators) but I wonder if the untold thousands of mutilated women and children see his killing as a blessing?

“A little bit of history” is often read without considering human suffering but those of us who remember the terrible experience of being bombed tend not to glorify war.

Second, the opponents of tolls who claim that because the motorways were built with EU assistance they should be free. Were they so incredibly well built that they require no maintenance or is the EU paying for it? No one is forced to use the motorway so is it fair that he who chooses to do so should be subsidised by the rest?

Jim Glassbrook

by email