Blinded by love: woman forced to charter two planes to wish jailed lover happy birthday

Prison guards at Sintra jail were bemused when they saw a small plane flying over the compound trailing a banner proclaiming: “Congratulations Pedro my love, your Débora, I love you”.

Did they have an inmate called Pedro celebrating a birthday, they wondered.

They didn’t. Débora got the wrong jail.

Days later she paid the same firm to fly the same message over Caxias prison where beloved Pedro is indeed incarcerated.

Love-struck Débora’s mistake will have cost her at least €200, suggests tabloid Correio da Manhã – possibly more.

But although the plane flew low enough to ‘cause concern’ among the guard population, no action is being taken against either Débora, the air charter company from Torres Vedras nor the object of all the attention, Pedro.

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