Blind Portuguese 13-year-old takes bronze in World Adaptive Surfing Championships

She’s described as “the girl who challenges waves without being able to see them”, and this week 13-year-old from Viana do Castelo has seen her extraordinary courage extolled through national media.

On Sunday, in California, the girl who only took up surfing two years ago, saw her efforts rewarded at the “2018 Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship” where she won a bronze medal.

It was an altogether historic moment: Marta, blind from birth, was not only the youngest contender in her category – and indeed in the Portuguese team – this was the first time the competition had been opened to the visually impaired.

Marta has a Facebook page, from which we took the above image.

Teammates Nuno Vitorino, 41, and Camilo Abdula, 38 were happy to see the limelight go to a someone whose bravery is arguably even greater than theirs.

Vitorino clinched a 4th place in his category for tetraplegic surfing, while Abdula, from Sines, (lower level impairment) came in at 13th place in the world ranking.