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Black Tide


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Black Tide by Peter Temple is out in paperback at 10.50 euros.

When one of Jack Irish’s friends calls him, asking for help in the matter of a missing son, the some-time lawyer, part-time debt-collector and occasional private eye is happy to lend a hand especially as it is Des Connors, an old family friend.

Prodigal sons sometimes go missing for a reason and as Jack begins to dig he discovers that Gary Connors was a man with something to hide and had good reasons to disappear, or be made to disappear.

Delving into an underworld awash with dirty money and nasty secrets, Jack is out of his depth. And unusually for a man whose preference for Aussie rules extends beyond his taste in football, he is struggling to keep his head above water.

This is a good, taut thriller, with lots of action and a really gripping finish.

Peter Temple is Australia’s most acclaimed crime and thriller writer. He has won the Ned Kelly Award for crime fiction five times and has a legion of fans around the world.

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