Black lives matter more than our own?

Dear Editor,

We are in the middle of a pandemic, the kind of which we haven’t seen for 100 years. Countries have closed their borders, all but essential services have been closed, air traffic has been paralysed, over 400,000 people have died and many more have been left with life-disabling damage to their lungs and people have been forced to self-isolate at home for more than three months not being able to visit relatives or loved ones.

On Monday, June 1 restrictions were eased but we still have a lot of social distancing to comply with and life is anything but normal yet. Towards the end of that week, infection rates started going up again warning us that the virus is still around and to be vigilant.

So, what do thousands of, mainly, young people do on Saturday? Well, they joined demonstrations all over Portugal to declare that black lives matter. It is, of course, their democratic right to demonstrate, but the timing was unbelievably ill-judged and the social distancing during the demonstrations was non-existent.

What was very much in existence, however, was the ever-present mobile phone held high pointing at themselves so they could record their social awareness, put it on social media and start looking for likes. Virtue-signalling has become the new way of pretending to care instead of actually doing something.

Try working in a soup kitchen for the poor or homeless or helping out at an old people’s home, but that would perhaps not look good on your selfies.

Finally, one of your chants was “I can’t breathe”, so let’s wait a couple of weeks and see if there are people out there who can’t breathe, not because of police brutality but because of your selfish and reckless behaviour.

Rolf Persson
By email