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Black Knife


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Black Knife: A Cold-Hearted Killing Machine at the Cutting Edge of Terror by Karl Vincent is out now in paperback at 11 euros.

Written with clear inside knowledge of both the rapidly changing intelligence community and the cutting edge of fundamental terrorism, it is a chilling and prophetic tale that blows apart the formulaic world of thriller-writing.

The threat of a nuclear device falling into the hands of a terrorist group is the nightmare of all security forces world-wide. Featuring a cold-hearted killer with no conscience and evil paymasters, the story builds to a terrible conclusion, which will leave the reader questioning the vulnerability of security in Europe.

Karl Vincent’s career has spanned Naval Intelligence tracking Russian submarines and working for the CIA’s clandestine Air America in Laos at the time of the Vietnam War.

He spent another 20 years working closely alongside other organisations like the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The last 10 years have been spent mainly in Europe where he studied international terrorism, together with European and Middle-Eastern politics.