Black Friday: Highest Covid death toll in Portugal since April

Today’s virus press conference announced dismal numbers: 2,899 new infections and 31 deaths.

There have “never been as many people interned in the nation’s hospitals” (1,498), say reports. ICUs are now caring for almost 200 people.

Rádio Renascença explains that the majority of deaths (24) were people over the age of 80. There were four in patients aged between 70-79, and two in patients aged between 60-69.

There is never any explanation on the ‘compound morbidities’ that victims may have been suffering from. But today’s numbers are ‘not good’ in that numbers of positive infections show no sign yet of reducing.

Indeed, the ‘greatest increase’ with regard to age groups has come in children. More children than ever before have been found to be carrying the virus. This does not mean they are seriously ill. But it is a ‘change’ in the overall picture.

As to where the deaths occurred, 14 were in the north, nine in the Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo area, five in the centre, two in the Alentejo and one in the Algarve.

The majority of new cases were also in the north (1,516), followed by Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (918), the centre (364), Alentejo (53), Algarve (38), Madeira (8) and Azores (2).