Bizarre fire destroys “secondary evidence” in police hunt for missing Maëlys

The baffling case of a missing French-Portuguese child in the French Alps got even stranger last week when the police HQ where all evidence is stored went up in flames.

Over 50 vehicles were targeted by a group of anarchists that has owned up to the fire online, calling it an “act that made up part of a wave of solidarity attacks for people who are facing trials in the next few days”.

Observador website says the group has no connection with the Maëlys’ investigation, and luck would have it that the attack spared the car of the principal suspect in her abduction, who remains in police custody despite his protestations of innocence.

Nonetheless, a certain amount of what French police are calling “secondary evidence” has been destroyed by the fire.

Grenoble prosecutor Jean Yves Coquillat has told France Soir that the amount of evidence is “very small”, and “has no great importance” in the case.

It is now over a month since the nine-year-old girl went missing from a wedding reception that has since been found to have had no less than 1o convicted pedophiles among the guests (click here).

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