Bizarre “crime of passion” leaves traumatised British girl with head shaved in Alcantarilha

PJ police are said to be hunting two women after an 18-year-old British girl was found with her head shaved and suffering various injuries in an “isolated spot” not far from Alcantarilha railway station.

According to initial reports, the girl was so traumatised that she is still understood to fear for her life.

When police found her on Tuesday night she was “in complete panic”. Not only had her head been brutally shaved, but she had suffered various cuts to her head, face, chest and arms.

Police are said to be treating the incident as a violent ritualistic “punishment” for some kind of “love relationship”. Suspicions are understood to be centred on two women, reports Correio da Manhã.

Meantime, the English girl – described as “suffering huge psychological trauma – was taken for treatment to Portimão hospital.

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