Bishop Baycroft arrives at St. Vincent's.jpg

Bishop Baycroft arrives at St. Vincent’s

Bishop John Baycroft, a former Bishop of Ottawa in Canada, has come to the Chaplaincy of St. Vincent’s Church of England for three months. Bishop Baycroft will guide and assist the Chaplaincy through the transition period before a new Chaplain of the Algarve will be appointed.

Bishop Baycroft was born in Yorkshire and studied in both Oxford and Cambridge before emigrating to Canada where he became ordained. After many years of pastoral work, he resigned as Bishop of Ottawa to work full-time in ecumenism as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See and Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome.

He has been in the Algarve for just over a week, and is already busy conducting church services at all three Church of England Churches as well as assisting at the annual ecumenical service celebrating the Festa de Nossa Senhora Da Luz, at Praia da Luz.

He will be joined by his wife Joan shortly.