Bishop accepts priest’s “serious sin” of fathering a child, saying “God will forgive”

Madeira is the latest place where priestly indiscretions have come to the fore. This time it is the 18th Portuguese priest (according to media calculations) to have fathered a child, thus breaking vows of celibacy.

But Bishop D. António Carrilho doesn’t see it is a problem.

All sins can be forgiven by God, he said – and it would be much worse not to assume paternity, or opt for abortion.

Nonetheless, the Bishop has sounded a warning: the priest in question will have to make up his mind about how he means to move on.

He cannot live a double life (now that he has admitted that he has one).

Adds Correio da Manhã, there is a movement in Portugal for “married priests”, basically because there are now so many of them.

Fraternitas is “seeking paths and ways of better serving the Church”, even though a number of its members have been removed from parish functions.

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