Birthday treat

A British pensioner aims to break her own record for world’s oldest abseiler by throwing herself from the top of a public building on her 96th birthday.

Doris Long, 95, from Hampshire will take part in her latest adrenalin rush in Portsmouth this May.

She will be accompanied by BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, who decided to take part after hearing of her recording-breaking feats on his programme.

TV star James Corden, who met Doris Long at the Pride of Britain awards where he presented her with a prize for her fund-raising efforts, is also set to take on the death-defying drop.

Doris Long said: “It is very exciting. I like Chris very much; he is a very funny man. I met James Corden recently and he was lovely too. I have met so many famous people through my fund-raising and it is still great fun.”

She added: “If either of them are scared, I will be on hand to give them some tips on getting down safely.”

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk