Alcatraz (Northern gannet) Photo: Tiago Guerreiro
Alcatraz (Northern gannet) Photo: Tiago Guerreiro

Birdwatching festival returns to Sagres in October

Event attracts birdwatchers from all over the world

Birdwatchers, time to mark your calendar. Sagres Birdwatching Festival is returning between October 1 and 5 with another round of outdoor activities, most of which can be enjoyed for free!

The 13rd edition will feature all the usual activities that every year attract thousands of nature lovers to the Western Algarve, from birdwatching to hikes, workshops, boat trips, guided tours and lectures.

The programme will be revealed on August 1 and registrations will begin a month later, allowing birdwatchers in Portugal and abroad to plan ahead.

Cape St Vincent, Sagres
Photo: Marta Verdu

“The thousands of birds that fly over the Algarve in October, while heading to where they will spend the winter, will once again be one of the highlights of the festival,” say the organisers, which include Sagres Council, the Portuguese Bird Society (SPEA) and Almargem Association.

“Among them will be the northern gannet, hundreds of which can be spotted flying near Cabo de São Vicente on a good day. This species, easily recognisable due to its long white wings and pointy beak, is a natural diver and can dive 40 metres-deep into the water to catch fish,” they add.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]