Birdwatching Festival returns to Sagres between October 5 and 8

The 14th Bird Watching & Nature Activities Festival programme will be revealed on September 5, when online activity registration also opens.

At this time of year, thousands of birds fly over the Algarve on their way to their wintering grounds in Africa, providing a spectacle worthy of a festival. While hundreds of seabirds pass off the coast, vultures, eagles and storks hover in the air, searching for the way to Africa. On land, bushes and trees are stopping places for small birds looking to make the ambitious journey south. Among them is the white-fronted redstart, this year’s festival headliner.

Bird Watching Festival 2023

To celebrate these winged visitors and make the most of this incredible spectacle, the 14th edition of the Festival offers four days full of activities for all ages. In addition to various birdwatching sessions on land and at sea, this Festival provides many opportunities for nature lovers to discover that the Algarve is much more than just a beach destination. There is also plenty of choice for families and friends of birdwatchers, such as tours, walks, talks, and challenges for the youngest visitors.

Birdwatching festival 2023.2

The programme will be available on September 5, when online registration will also open at New features this year include opportunities to explore tide pools, moonlit walks and playing Nature board games. The event is again organised by the Vila do Bispo City Council in partnership with the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) and the Almargem Association.