Bird watching in Sagres

Bird watchers from around the world are expected to flock to Sagres this weekend for the second annual Bird Watching Festival.

A variety of activities for twitchers of all ages will be provided from today (Friday) until Sunday. The festival is being promoted by the Câmara of Vila do Bispo and has been organised in association with the environmental organisation Almargem and the Portuguese society for the study of birds (SPEA).

Some of the planned activities include field trips in the local area led by expert guides, boat trips to view different species, ornithology lectures, meetings and environmental education opportunities.

A spokesman from Vila do Bispo Câmara said: “The different local authorities of Vila do Bispo and Sagres as well local businesses, hotels and restaurants are all supporting the event, with many offering special discounts to participants.

“The festival has been created to present the area as a nature tourism destination, and we hope to attract participants who are keen birdwatchers as well as others who have less knowledge on the subject.”

Sagres was picked as the focal point of the festival because of the unique flora and fauna the area offers as well  it being the natural gateway for thousands of birds who migrate south at this time of year.

It is not unusual to be able to observe more than 190 different bird species in the area.

Vila do Bispo Câmara president Adelino Soares said: “This is a unique opportunity for people to be able to come and see firsthand some of the unique biodiversity of this region.”

For further information about the Sagres Bird Watching Festival please visit www.birdwatchingsagres.com.