Bird traps in the trees and bushes

Bird traps in the trees and bushes

Dear Editor,

I live in Carvoeiro and for the last few years have been finding these terrible contraptions in the trees and bushes around the land at the back of Praia do Carvalho and Club Atlantico. 

I have contacted the SEPNA department of the GNR in Silves and they have been out to look but need to catch the culprit in the act. 

I really do need some help in getting across to the general public that this practice still exists and is extremely illegal. Last year I posted it on the forum of carvoeiro.com but couldn’t believe some of the replies that were received that I have decided not to bother again. Someone (English) actually said the birds were yummy! 

I must have found and destroyed well over 50 traps in this area alone. I have found quite a few dead birds mostly robins, a blackbird and a thrush. Unbelievably, I found eight in one bush one day and a further 10 in the same bush the next day.

Sheila Gomes