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Billionaire Arab’s “super-yacht” delights passers-by in Portimão

Described as a ‘super-yacht’ but being anything but anyone’s idea of a yacht, the super-luxury floating palace going by the name of “Radiant” and owned by Emirati business mogul Abdulla Al Futtaim, has been delighting passers-by as it sits at the mouth of the Arade river, after steaming in from Vilamoura.

The €250 million craft is one of the most expensive in the world. In fact, specialist press reports put it at the seventh most expensive ‘yacht’ in the world, capable of taking 16 guests in unimaginable style served by a crew of 44 dispersed in 20 cabins.

Business Insider gives the boat’s “James Bond twist”. Originally built for an oligarch who ran out of money, it is apparently “equipped with sonic guns that would burst the eardrums of attackers” and “water cannons that could sink an approaching boat from 100 yards away”.

One has to hope that local fishermen and pleasure boats curious to get a better look are up to speed with Radiant’s capabilities.

But, in the meantime, the question on everyone’s lips is “why Portimão?”

Abdulla Al Futtaim’s business dealings mainly involve cars (he has exclusive dealership rights to sales of Honda and Toyota in the United Arab Emirates). But he is also involved in retail (owning franchises for IKEA, Toys “R” Us, and Marks & Spencer), and real estate.

Could that last sector be the one that has spurred the Radiant’s arrival? With golf courses and developments within a few kilometres of the coastal town up for grabs, we will no doubt find out when the time is right.

Meantime, for a up-close look at the Radiant without risk of losing your eardrums or being blown out of the water, see video below.