Bikers help children

news: Bikers help children

Around 50 people recently gathered at a Fado night, held at Barreiro’s Motoclube Headquarters, which was organised to raise money for a Christmas party for abandoned children of the Boys’ Institute in Barreiro. Fado singers, Carlos Figueiredo, Cristina Maria, Carlos Alves, Marilene, Florentino Duarte and Alberto Ventura all performed during a fun and successful evening. “We collected enough money to give the children a Christmas party. It’s going to be a day when children are allowed to be children,” said one of the fundraisers at the Motoclube, Fernanda Costa. The Motoclube has organised these festive parties for several years now, and have put a smile on over 100 children’s faces every year. “We always have clowns, music, face-painting and child size motorbikes at our parties. The children always have a good time,” said Costa.