Bike my side!

A concept specifically designed to showcase the Algarve’s culture, history, gastronomy, sun, beach and nature is due to be launched at the beginning of October.  

Sidecar tours by Bike My Side will provide adventure seekers with the opportunity to explore the Algarve on a themed tour, in a classic Ural Sidecar.

The company was created in Lisbon last year and is being brought to the Algarve by Delfim Martins, an architect by profession, who saw Bike My Side as a way to escape the crisis of architecture and construction, and benefit from what the Algarve has best to offer, its culture, climate, scenery and tourism.

Bike My Side hopes to not only allow passengers to discover the Algarve differently but also experience the feeling of riding on a collector’s motorcycle sidecar.

For more information, please contact Delfim on 917 015 996, email: [email protected] or visit: